Taekwon Moodo Association was established in 2002 by Grandmaster Ron Hickey for the purpose of regulating rank and curriculum for his students. Grandmaster Hickey along with Master Kurt Ballman teach at College Hill Recreation Center where the initial founding school “College Hill Taekwondo Institute” is housed.

Grandmaster Hickey an 8th dan in Taekwondo has been a student of Grandmaster Kyongwon Ahn of Atlanta, Georgia since 1973 and Master Ballman also a student of Grandmaster Ahn began his training in 1979.

Beginning May 3rd Taekwon Moodo Association along with College Hill Taekwondo Institute will unite under one banner with two other schools: Stillwater Taekwondo located in Alexandria, Kentucky and Miami University Taekwondo Club.

Stillwater Taekwondo will serve as the TMA headquarters under the direction of executive director Master Ron Evans. There was a dedication ceremony Friday, May 3rd at Stillwater Taekwondo.

The initial founding board of masters is comprised of a group of masters all of whom studied under Grandmaster Ahn 20-35 years respectively.

Board of Masters                                           Martial Art Start Date

Grandmaster Ron Hickey  8th dan                   Started 1973

Master David Johnson 7th dan                         Started 1983

Master Rob Pace 6th dan                                 Started 1975

Master Ron Evans 6th dan                               Started 1976  

Master Kurt Ballman 5th dan                            Started 1979 

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